SAM Prayer Spotlight 12/14/17- Jason and Jenna Weigner

The Weigners serve together in Bolivia. They strengthen the church through community development, discipleship and medical ministry. Jason and Jenna are part of SAM Bolivia’s Indigenous Rural Outreach team, which works to develop leaders for the Bolivian indigenous church, and to foster the well-being and sustain the livelihoods of those living in difficult economic and social situations.

Jason is an agronomist and Jenna a mid-wife, together they build sustainable, gospel-centered communities among the indigenous and rural peoples of eastern Bolivia.

Here is something we can be praying for the Weigners about:

    • They are still waiting their birth certificates to finish going through the legal process in the states so they can be returned to Bolivia and complete the visa process there.  Due to multiple delays they are several months behind in the process which is hindering their work since all their Bolivian documents are expired. Pray that God would work out all the details for this process to be completed.
Please pray for the Weigners and send them an ( email only visible in original item ) of encouragement.

SAM Prayer Spotlight- 12/13/17- Sharon Gabler

Sharon is a MK originally from Colombia, South America. Her family served in the Philippines for 5 years before moving to serve as missionaries in Bolivia, where she graduated from the Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center (SCCLC) in 2011. She graduated from Columbia International University in December 2015 with a Masters of Arts in Teaching. Sharon is passionate about teaching and using her gifts in hospitality and encouragement to serve others. She is serving with SAM at the SCCLC.

Here are some things we can be praying with Sharon about:
  • Pray for God’s continued joy and patience in teaching 2nd grade at SCCLC.
  • Pray for grace as she continues a long-distance relationship with her fiance in the States. Praise God for the opportunity to spend Christmas together!
  • Pray for her connection with God daily through prayer, reading His Word, and interacting with others.
  • Pray that she would be a blessing to her family in Bolivia. (Her sister is married to a Bolivian and they have three children)
Please pray for Sharon and send her an ( email only visible in original item ) of encouragement.

SAM Prayer Spotlight 12/12/17- Serina Klotz

The Lord led Serina to South America Mission where she desired to be a part of SAM’s loving community. She joined SAM in 2017 and caught its vision for creating dynamic churches. As the Lord leads her to Bolivia, she is excited to use all she has learned to help grow children’s ministries across Santa Cruz so that children can come to know Christ at a young age, as she did and live their whole lives for Him. Her greatest joy has been seeing children learn what it means to follow Jesus and watch them share the Gospel with those around them.

Here are some things we can be praying with Serina about:

  • Praise the Lord for being fully funded and set to head to Bolivia in January.
  • Pray for the transition process for both her and the team in Bolivia as they work out logistics and what her role will be.
  • Pray for her to be open, humble, and flexible as she begins to serve in Santa Cruz.

Please pray for Serina today and send her an ( email only visible in original item ) of encouragement.

SAM Prayer Spotlight 12/11/17- Jeff and Beth HAuse

Today our SAM prayer spotlight is Jeff and Beth HAuse. They have been serving as members with SAM since 1988 and are currently serving in Bolivia.

Here are some things we can be praying with them about:

  • Praise God for the many blessings they have had while visiting in the Northwest.
  • Praise God with Jeff and Beth for the round-trip tickets from San Diego to Tampa bought for them by a supporting church. They will spend Christmas with family in Florida. Mid-February they return to California and plan to continue their travels by car from there.
  • Please pray for the $800 per month that is lacking in their support level to come in soon. Praise God for the faithful supporters that have been part of their team for over 25 years.
  • Please pray for continued wisdom for the specialists who the HAuses are seeing while they are stateside. Jeff and Beth are encouraged by the many stateside doctors who have affirmed the excellent treatment they both have been receiving in Bolivia.

Please pray for Jeff and Beth throughout today and send them an ( email only visible in original item ) of encouragement.

Thank you for praying!

SAM Prayer Spotlight 12/8/17- Art and Genda Freeman

Today our SAM prayer spotlight is Art and Genda Freeman. They joined SAM in 2015 and are appointed to serve as members with SAM in Bolivia doing community transformation and leadership development.

Here are some things we can be praying with Art and Genda about:

    • Pray for their son Noah, that he will continue to thrive socially, spiritually, and academically at SCCLC.  Attending a brick and mortar school has been an adjustment for him, given that he was homeschooled most of his life.
    • Pray for understanding as they continue to study Spanish via a private tutor.  Pray that they will be disciplined to study each day, even as they serve in various capacities as missionaries with SAM.

Please pray for Art, Genda and Noah throughout today and send them an ( email only visible in original item ) of encouragement.

Thank you for praying!