SAM Prayer Spotlight 12/11/17- Jeff and Beth HAuse

Today our SAM prayer spotlight is Jeff and Beth HAuse. They have been serving as members with SAM since 1988 and are currently serving in Bolivia.

Here are some things we can be praying with them about:

  • Praise God for the many blessings they have had while visiting in the Northwest.
  • Praise God with Jeff and Beth for the round-trip tickets from San Diego to Tampa bought for them by a supporting church. They will spend Christmas with family in Florida. Mid-February they return to California and plan to continue their travels by car from there.
  • Please pray for the $800 per month that is lacking in their support level to come in soon. Praise God for the faithful supporters that have been part of their team for over 25 years.
  • Please pray for continued wisdom for the specialists who the HAuses are seeing while they are stateside. Jeff and Beth are encouraged by the many stateside doctors who have affirmed the excellent treatment they both have been receiving in Bolivia.

Please pray for Jeff and Beth throughout today and send them an ( email only visible in original item ) of encouragement.

Thank you for praying!