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The Weigners serve together in Bolivia. They strengthen the church through community development, discipleship and medical ministry. Jason and Jenna are part of SAM Bolivia’s Indigenous Rural Outreach team, which works to develop leaders for the Bolivian indigenous church, and ... [click to read more]
Sharon is a MK originally from Colombia, South America. Her family served in the Philippines for 5 years before moving to serve as missionaries in Bolivia, where she graduated from the Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center (SCCLC) in 2011. She graduated from ... [click to read more]
The Lord led Serina to South America Mission where she desired to be a part of SAM’s loving community. She joined SAM in 2017 and caught its vision for creating dynamic churches. As the Lord leads her to Bolivia, she is ... [click to read more]
Today our SAM prayer spotlight is Jeff and Beth HAuse. They have been serving as members with SAM since 1988 and are currently serving in Bolivia. Here are some things we can be praying with them about: Praise God for the many blessings ... [click to read more]
Today our SAM prayer spotlight is Art and Genda Freeman. They joined SAM in 2015 and are appointed to serve as members with SAM in Bolivia doing community transformation and leadership development. Here are some things we can be praying with Art and ... [click to read more]